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BASIS is your AI-based planning assistant and hub for planning knowledge. ‘Always-on’ analytics make smart suggestions and guide the planner through the creation of realistic plans.

A simple markup and review process allows the planner to capture expert feedback on their plan from team members outside the planning organization.

This balanced combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence delivers a plan calibrated by historical knowledge, productivity rates and standards + validated by experts in the field.

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

BASIS makes real-time suggestions pulling from your past experiences, standards, & benchmarks. Calibrate an existing plan or create your own plan in BASIS.

Durations | Costs | Common Risks | Productivity Rates

Take it a step further and allow BASIS to build out missing detail.

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Human Intelligence


Human Intelligence

BASIS provides team members a fast & easy means of marking up a plan. Think of it as your team's own personal plan redline.

Expert opinion is not just just captured but truly incorporated into your plan.

Invite as many contributors as you want to help drive validation. Team members markup plans for free.

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Discover BASIS 2.0

Want a private demonstration of BASIS 2.0? Send us one of your projects and our co-founders will demonstrate the power & speed of BASIS with your information. Invite your entire project team to join.

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New White Paper

The Importance of Planning during Project Execution

In recent years, project management has shifted from being a truly linear process to more of an iterative one. Techniques such as agile planning, driven primarily by IT project management, have further endorsed the concept that planning and execution are not truly sequential.

145 10 Size 'Gatorade' Nike AIR 6 Jordan 384664 Retro This white paper discusses how continued planning even during project execution can overcome some of the limitations of traditional scheduling techniques. Tied to this, the topic of Short-Interval Planning is discussed in detail.


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