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Women's Black Flat Trotters Ballet Harlowe ZqxBaOv

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TheDailyTarheel - What started with a spat between a UNC student and a disc jockey at a bar Saturday night ended with a boycott and a formal apology from the pub. When a DJ at Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub played “Blurred Lines,” Liz Hawryluk stepped into the DJ box to ask him to stop. Critics say the song promotes rape culture with lyrics like “I know you want it.” Hawryluk said she was then asked to leave the bar completely. But Lauren Shoaf, a spokeswoman for Fitzgerald’s, said it was a misunderstanding, and the UNC senior was only asked to leave the DJ’s area, not the bar. “Fundamentally, all I was aiming to do is to create a safe space in the Carolina community,” Hawryluk said. “In a lot of ways, violent or graphic images that allude to sexual violence are triggers.” Hawryluk took her fight to Facebook. Dozens of students and community advocates flooded Fitzgerald’s Facebook page, condemning the pub for allowing the incident to occur. This week, Fitzgerald’s issued a formal apology to Hawryluk and her friends. “This song is played by many DJs at Fitzgerald’s, and other places, but it will never be played here again,” Shoaf said in her apology to Hawryluk. While Hawryluk said some of her friends had agreed to return to Fitzgerald’s after the bar issued its apology, she wouldn’t be returning. “But thank you so much to the community who has spoken to address this issue and to the bars and companies on Franklin who are willing to speak out.”

This chick is THE WORST. The absolute worst. Like how big of a lunatic do you have to be to walk up to a DJ and tell him to stop playing Blurred Lines? An absolute psychopath. But that part doesn’t surprise me because radical feminists are the most insane mofos on this planet. That’s not up for debate. That’s a fact. But how about the bar apologizing? That’s what drives me nuts about this. Apologize for fucking what? For kicking out some crazy ass feminist who wouldn’t stop harassing the DJ in the middle of a club? For playing a song that is the most mainstream song in the world?

Just once I’d like somebody to have a spine and be like “Fuck this crazy ass bitch. You can’t reason with crazy. I won’t apologize. I won’t stop playing that song. I kicked her ass out because she was causing a scene and she’s banned from ever stepping foot in this bar again because we don’t want crazy people in here. We want people who want to have fun. Not looney bin feminists with their hairy armpits and bad attitude looking for trouble”

PS – Without knowing this girl I’d bet my life she went to this bar specifically to wait till this song was played so she could cause a stink. It was probably an assignment in her Gender Studies class.

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